Thursday, September 14, 2017

Death Angel (#3 An Angel Novel) Jane West

Author                           Jane West
Publication Date          26 February 2017
Genre                             New Adult 
                                        Paranormal Thriller
                                        Mythology Romance 

Warning: Violent content. Please be advised. 

The fight for mankind’s survival has just begun. 

The world is under seized by the Illuminati. The whole government system has collapsed and an uprising has taken over. The Illuminati has brought in the big guns, called regulators. They are the enforcers to keep law and order and they are alien. People are forced from their homes, and others left for dead in the streets. To receive food rations everyone must receive the mark of the beast, 666, or die of starvation. 

Aidan kidnaps Dom and Jeffery leaving a threatening note challenging her to find the boys before he kills them. The race for time begins as Stephanie must find the boys before Aidan follows through with his baleful promise. With her sidekick, Nick, Stephanie is forced to confront fate and the Illuminati once again.

In the third installment of this series, the Illuminati has taken over the world in the guise of The New Order. Those who refuse to join their regime are subjected to violence and starvation.

After everything that's happened in the previous installment, Stevie is still a struggling to find her place in life. Jeffery and Dom are her best friends and to her, they are family. She has found a new friend in Nick who is reliable and fun.

Aidan is no longer, the sophisticated charmer she fell in love with. He is in complicity with the Fallen Angel, Mustafa. Their aim is to build an elite army and eradicate those who they consider tainted. Stevie's powers are still growing and they are desperate to bring her on their side. She doesn’t believe in what they are trying to achieve and her friends are abducted to be used as baits and blackmail.

When she sees what's happening in the city, she is more determined to resist. She is put through some agonising situations which bring her to the point of despair. The army of aliens is tough to beat without the proper resources. Will she bend to their will or stand by her beliefs?

Aidan’s behaviour sets off some alarming bells. Stevie faces a long and hard battle and sometimes acts before thinking. This only lands her in more trouble. Her loyalty to her friends shines and she puts her life on the line to save them.

This part of the series is fast paced and filled with cruelty, dark magic and violence. The experiments are beyond comprehension. I would have liked to have learnt more about the origin of the aliens. It's a captivating read and the revelation at the end wraps up the story beautifully but, there are some loose ends.

I might have purchased an earlier version as there are some issues around the editing.

Overall, it's a great concept and it would be more beneficial to start with the first book in the series.

watching movies, and spending time with family. She has raised three children, grown now. Her dreams of becoming an author started as a child, where she spent her time writing short stories and poems. Jane is a constant student of Literary Arts and Creative Writing. Jane writes Young Adult Contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Psychological Thrillers, Paranormal, and Romance.

Jane is best known for her bestsellers "An Angel Novel Series"

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