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Monday, January 15, 2018

The Soulweaver by Heidi Catherine Excerpt Tour

The Soulweaver
Heidi Catherine
Publication date: January 19th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

She’s loved and lost him a hundred times across a thousand years. She can’t bear to lose him again.

Lin’s dreams are haunted by faces of people she’s never met. Unable to shake the feeling she’s lived before, she’s drawn to Reinier—a stranger whose soul is heartbreakingly familiar from a time gone by.

Reinier helps Lin unravel the mystery of her past life as Hannah, a girl who sacrificed herself for her true love, Matthew. As Lin falls hopelessly in love with Reinier, her memories of her life as Hannah sharpen and she finds herself unable to let go of Matthew.

With her heart torn in two, Lin must decide whether she should stand by Reinier’s side or track down Matthew and fight for his love. What she doesn’t know is that her decision will ripple across our troubled planet, affecting far more lives than just her own.

Winner of Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award, The Soulweaver is a story that will change the way you see the world.


She reached out to touch his cheek, quickly withdrawing her hand when she realised what she was doing. It wasn’t her place to put her hands on him, yet she felt strangely as though she’d touched his face before.

Sleep brought him an innocence she knew would be erased the moment his eyes opened. The boy lying sleeping in front of her was a killer. Her killer. This was the person who’d taken her life. He’d ripped her out of Matthew’s arms long before she was ready to go. Why had he done this to her? She’d been sure she’d seen love in his eyes. 

She had a sudden urge to slap him, to shake him, to beat him with her fists. But she knew these actions would have no effect. He would never feel her anger. He would never feel her pain.

His eyes opened, startling her. He blinked in the soft light, trying to find his focus. 
‘Hannah,’ he said, sitting up in bed, looking directly at her. 

This wasn’t possible. Living souls weren’t supposed to be able to see those in transition. Perhaps he was dreaming.

She remained still. 

‘Hannah, thank goodness you came.’ He reached out towards her and the impossible became reality. He could see her. 

She drew back, avoiding his touch. It felt strange to be spoken to after so long with Matthew. ‘How can you see me? This isn’t possible.’

‘I see lots of things. You included. Oh, Hannah. I’ve missed you.’ He reached for her again. This time she let him, staring with fascination as his hand passed through her soul. Surely he could hurt her no further, now that she was already dead. 

‘Have we met before? Other than when you killed me, of course.’ Her voice was cold. He missed her. What a ridiculous thing for her killer to say. 

‘You can’t really believe I killed you. I’d never harm you. I was there to protect you.’ 

‘Protect me? Are you serious? You killed me. You must have.’ She could scarcely believe he was trying to deny it. 

‘You don’t remember what happened. If you did, you’d know it wasn’t me.’

‘Well it wasn’t Matthew and you were the only other person there.’

‘True, but it wasn’t me. I’d never do that to you.’ He was refusing to buy into her anger, seeming sure she’d believe him.

She wondered if that was how a guilty man behaved, or if it was possible he was innocent.

‘How would I know what you would or wouldn’t do?’ she said.

‘Because you know me.’ 

She couldn’t deny that was exactly how she felt. ‘Have we met before?’  

‘Only a hundred times in a thousand years. I’m surprised you don’t remember.’ 

Author Bio

Heidi’s debut novel, The Soulweaver, won Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and will be released by Crooked Cat Books on 19 Jan 2018.
Not being able to decide if she prefers living in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, Heidi shares her time between both places. She is similarly pulled in opposing directions by her two sons and two dogs, remaining thankful she only has one husband.

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Effortless (A Legacy Novel) Bethany-Kris - Blog Tour

EFFORTLESS, A Legacy Novel

by Bethany-Kris
A Legacy Novel
Publication Date: January 15, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Organized Crime


Amazon UK

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Amazon AUS


Barnes & Noble:


Camilla Donati doesn't do relationships, it's just not her thing. She wants a fun time, not a long time. She might be exactly what Tommaso Rossi needs to make his vacation from the responsibilities as a Capo, a break worth taking.

He didn't expect to find a woman like her with a mind full of filth.

She didn't expect a man who would shatter all of her rules with only a grin.

Chicago keeps calling Tommaso home, and further out of reach from the one thing he wants more than ever. 
Camillas restless heart keeps getting in the way even when its stuck between what is, and what could be.

This should have been easy.

It didn't have to be messy.

Falling in love is effortless.

It's people who make it hard.

Effortless: A Legacy Novel is a standalone contemporary erotic romance.

5 Stars 

Effortless is a little lighter than the previous legacy novel, but just as compelling.

Tom, short for Tomasso, is a Capo working his way up to follow into his father's footstep as the boss of the Rossi family. He is not happy in his current role for his heart lies elsewhere. He has to grin and bear it as his father won't budge. He is restless and feels like something is missing in his life. Quite what? He isn't sure!

Camilla aka Cam is the younger sister of darling Cross Donati. She is a free spirit who likes to have fun. She likes her independence and intends to keep it that way. No complicated relationships. Love them and leave them is her motto. Until now!

In desperate need of a break, Tom takes time out from Chicago to visit Cross in New York. As soon as he sets eyes on Cam, he is smitten and blatantly oggles her. She unashamedly returns the favour. She is always up for a good time. He is taken by her dirty mind and filthy mouth. It's game on. Somehow, Cam finds herself wanting more. So not her style! She will soon put an end to that. Tom, on the other hand is prepared to bide his time and plays along.

They are like two magnets being pulled towards each other whilst one of them is determined to resist. Resisting is not so easy though! The electricity when they are together always sparks and sizzles. Something that they crave when they are apart. After all, Chicago isn't just around the corner from New York. Can she ignore what's staring her in the face and stick to her ways? Is he prepared to sit back and wait, just in case she changes her mind?

The cat and mouse game between them is sometimes comical and sometimes infuriating. Their relationship is full of lust and love. Despite all the indecisiveness, they fit together perfectly. There isn't a lot of angst, but what's there keeps the adrenaline flowing. There were a few glimpses of Cam and Tom in Cross' and Catherine's story and it's so nice to see how they started. This romance is very well woven and well balanced. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something  when she can find the time.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Crown Prince's Bride (#2 Royal Duology) Donna Alward - Release Blitz

Donna Alward 

Publication Date
9 January 2018 

Contemporary Romance 

A Crown Prince gets a second chance at love with the woman who’s always been there - in the next book in the prince duology from Donna Alward!

The Crown Prince of Marazur is suffering from a broken heart. After losing his wife and future queen, he knows he’ll never find love again with a partner as wonderful as her. He’s thrown himself into his duties and is trying to be a better father to his two children, but he’s lonely. Even though falling in love seems impossible, so does spending the rest of his life alone.

Stephani has been Raoul’s assistant for years. Smart, loyal, and discreet, Stephani is fantastic at her job. Except for the fact that she’s been in love with her boss since her first week of employment, not that she would ever act on it. Besides, Raoul is first in line to the throne and she’s his assistant. If Raoul ever marries again, it’ll be with someone who can be a future queen. Not someone like Stephani.

When Raoul’s date for a state dinner is unable to attend, he invites Stephani. She’s well-versed on the issues and castle protocol, and Raoul’s always been comfortable with her. But when Stephani arrives, Raoul hardly recognizes her. Is this stunning woman the same one who’s run his office for years?

The Crown Prince’s Bride is the ultimate fairytale for readers looking for Cinderella to get her prince—and be able to keep him past midnight.

This second chance romance is full of soul. The circumstances are complicated, and coming to the terms with out of control emotions can be destructive as well as as productive.

Raoul, the Crown Prince is grieving for the loss of his beloved wife. He finds solace in his work and two children, but loneliness catches up with him.

Stephani is the Prince's assistant and over the years, they have become friends. She is a competent and a caring person. Secretly, she has been harbouring feelings which she can't act upon.

After all these years, Raoul sees Stephani under a different light on his birthday celebration. He allows himself to relax on that day and acts on impulse. It's like a dream come true for Stephani, but here begins an emotional and painful journey. She feels like a shadow of what he craves and his denial only leads to more complications. Can he try and allow himself to love again or continue to mourn his loss? Not an easy decision!

This is a heartbreaking novel where the romance is pretty unbalanced. The past keeps getting in the way and at some stage, everything looks impossible. I feel that the twist at the end might have forced the issue instead of allowing the outcome to progress naturally. However, it's a compelling and heartwrenching read with the desirable outcome. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

Late August

Stephani surveyed the ballroom, ensuring everything was running smoothly and to her satisfaction. As the executive assistant to the Crown Prince of Marazur, it was her job to make sure that Raoul Navarro’s birthday party went off without a hitch.

So far the dinner had been delicious, the traditional almond cake devoured, and the music and dancing had begun. She started to breathe a bit easier now.

“Señorita Savalas? Champagne?”

She turned to the footman who carried several full glasses on his silver tray. “Sí, gracias.” She smiled and took a flute from the tray,then sipped gratefully. The dry, fizzy liquid delighted her tongue. By royal standards, the party was small, but no expense had been spared. Including this particularly fine vintage.

Raoul deserved a wonderful party after the year he’d had.Considering this was the first real event at the palace since his wife,Princess Cecilia, had tragically died, Stephani had pulled out all the stops.

It was her job. And it was more than just a job, too.Because for the last seven years, she’d been in love with her boss.

Her boss, who had been married to her cousin.

Her boss, who was now a widower with two small children.

Right now Raoul was mingling with a group that included the finance minister and the gentleman’s twenty-something daughter. The girl looked up at Raoul with something like hero worship, and Stephani smiled to herself.He was at least ten years too old for her, but he was extraordinarily handsome with his black hair and dark, soulful eyes. New lines had appeared at either side of his lips, but Stephani thought they only added to his allure.

She joined the group and smiled at everyone, then spoke briefly before turning her attention to the Italian attaché. There was also a representative from the French tourism ministry and she switched languages effortlessly.

“You’re exceptionally good at that.”

Raoul’s deep voice vibrated at her ear and she suppressed adelighted shiver. She pasted a platonic smile on her face and turned around.“Oh, hello. Having a good time?”

“More than I expected. And what about you? Are you enjoying yourself? Or just working the room?” He lifted an eyebrow.

“Just making everyone feel welcome.”

“And showing off the fact you can speak . . .” He counted silently on his fingers. “Five languages? Six?”

“Five,” she confirmed. “My Russian and German are more of a danger than an asset. I could ruin diplomatic relations in two sentences.”

He chuckled, and she let herself enjoy the sound. Raoul didn’t laugh much at all recently, but the wine pairings at dinner and the open bar had loosened him up considerably.

She hadn’t seen him this relaxed since . . .

A confusing wave of grief swept over her. Maybe she’d had a secret thing for Raoul for ages, but she’d also loved her cousin deeply.Everyone had loved Ceci. And Stephani missed her. Ceci would have loved a party like this. She would have sparkled like the diamond she was. Stephani was far better behind the scenes. It had always been that way, even when they were kids.

“It’s good to hear you laugh, Raoul.”

His eyes met hers. “It’s good to laugh again. It’s been awhile.”

“Of course.” She didn’t want to dampen the mood of the evening, so she smiled instead and nodded toward a woman skirting the dancefloor. “Look. Rose has come back. The children were lovely at dinner, don’t you think?”

His gaze followed the new nanny. “You helped with her dress for the evening?”

“I did.”

“My brother can’t take his eyes off of her.”

“I think Diego has finally met his match. Do you approve?”

“Yes and no?” He shrugged. “My first priority is the children, and they seem to adore her.”

“Of course.”

“But she is also a lovely person.” He sent her a sideways smile. “Better than Diego deserves.”

She laughed a little. “You don’t really believe that.”

“No, I don’t. He’s been . . . different. Especially the last few months. Since . . .”

His voice trailed off, but she knew what he’d meant. Since Ceci died.

Everything was different since Ceci had died.

He nudged her elbow. “I don’t want to drag down the party.Do you want to dance, Steph?”

Did she? She’d only imagined it a million times.Particularly at every palace function when she’d stood on the sidelines with her clipboard while Ceci held Raoul in her arms. The perfect couple, a prince and princess, utterly in love.

She hesitated long enough that he stepped back. “Lo siento.I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t,” she hurried to assure him. “I’d love to dance.” It might be her one and only chance. She put her champagne down on a nearby table and smiled up at him. “Shall we?”

The band had switched to a slower song, and he led her to the polished parquet and took her in his arms. She swallowed tightly . . . ohmy. He was smooth, effortless, and his hand was warm against the hollow of her back. His fingers tightened over hers and she bit down on her lip. Raoul, she thought, wondering why on earth she insisted on torturing herself day in and day out. Why couldn’t she manage to shake this silly attraction? Besides, he only ever saw her as his assistant. If he had any idea of her feelings . . .Ugh. Work would be unbearably awkward.

“You look lovely tonight,” he said, his lips only inches from her ear. “The little black dress was a good choice.”

“It’s Versace.” She strangled out the words.

Their feet kept moving, and their bodies seemed to drift closer, until the lapels of his jacket brushed against her breasts. She could feel his heat, smell his cologne.

She should resign. Find another position somewhere, away from the longing for what she could never have. Except this was the perfect job. Wonderful pay, wonderful perks, and . . . well, the family relied on her.She knew that. It was more than a job, and more than just Raoul. She cared about them all. King Alexander, Diego, the children . . . they were her family now that Ceci was gone. She had no immediate family of her own. What remained of the Savalas family was spread out over Greece and Spain. She didn’t even know half of them. Ceci had been her anchor, and in her absence, the Navarros had become her surrogate family.

The song ended and Raoul stood back, but his face had lost the relaxed easiness of before, and a small furrow had appeared between his brows. “Is everything okay?” she asked, suddenly panicked that maybe she’d been the one to drift closer and inadvertently created an awkward moment between them.

“Diego danced with Rose, and she’s just left him standing in the middle of the floor,” he said quietly.

“Maybe there’s trouble in paradise.”

“You should talk to him.”

“I know. It’s never been easy, though. We’re so different.We always seem to cross swords.”

“That’s because you’re more alike than you think. You have to start giving him a chance. He’s more reliable than you give him credit for.”

Back to business. She felt on solid ground when she could focus on business.

She patted his arm. “I’m going to check on the kitchen staff. Señora Ortiz is planning a smaller buffet close to midnight.”

She went to leave and he reached for her hand. “Stephani?”

She focused on his face, because the fact that he was holding her hand was doing funny things to her insides. “Yes?”

“Thank you, for all this. I know I’ve been difficult the last few months. Tonight, having people and music in the house again . . .”

The butterflies in her belly grew heavy. “It must be difficult.”

“Yes. No. I mean, it’s been good. I can’t live my life being gloomy and unhappy all the time. This wouldn’t have happened without you.”

She smiled. “The people need to see that you’re still okay.”

He squeezed her fingers. “I need to know I’m okay. Thishelped. Thank you.”

And he leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

His breath was warm against her skin, and she might be mistaken but she would swear his mouth lingered there just a moment longer than necessary. Heat rushed to her face and she muttered a hasty “you’re welcome”before darting away. She didn’t want him to see her blush. Or the fact that his casual touch had the power to make her normal unflappable reserve desert her completely.

Copyright © 2018 by Donna Alward in The Crown Prince’s Bride and reprinted by permission of Swerve.

A busy wife and mother of three (two daughters plus the family dog), Donna Alward believes hers is the best job in the world: a combination of stay-at-home mom and romance novelist. Donna loves being back on the East Coast of Canada after nearly twelve years in Alberta where her romance career began, writing about cowboys and the west. She is the author of Somebody Like You, Somebody's Baby, and Someone to Love.

Monday, January 08, 2018

The Duke of Ice (#7 The Untouchables) Darcy Burke - Blog Tour


The Duke of Ice, an all-new historical standalone from USA Today bestselling author Darcy Burke, is available NOW!

Burke, Darcy- The Duke of Ice (final) 800 px @ 72 dpi low res

Title: The Duke of Ice

Author: Darcy Burke

Genre: Historical Romance

Publishing Date: December 26th, 2017


Everyone Nicholas Bateman ever loved has died. Except Violet Caulfield, which must mean he never loved her. Eight years after she threw him over to marry a viscount, Nick is a widowed duke who prefers isolation. When a friend convinces him to leave his lair of self-imposed solitude, he considers taking another wife, provided she agrees to his terms: no emotional attachment of any kind.

Now widowed, Lady Violet Pendleton hopes for a second chance with the man she’s always loved. But she isn’t prepared for the desolation in his soul or the animosity he still bears toward her. Despite those obstacles, it’s clear their passion hasn’t dimmed. However, the heat between them isn’t enough to melt the Duke of Ice, and this time Violet may find herself the jilted party. Can love, once so tragically lost, finally be found?

4 Stars 
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

This is a touching second chance story. To some parents, status is more important than the happiness of their daughters.

Nick believes that he is "cursed" after having suffered the loss of those he cares for. He doesn't allow himself to show any emotions, earning him the title of Duke of Ice.

Violet was forced into a loveless and unhappy marriage. She is now a widow who still dreams about her first and only love.

Nick chooses to live in seclusion through his fear of loss. Getting close to anyone can only bring pain and misery. His best and only friend, Simon is a social pariah known as the Duke of Ruin. When Simon receives an invitation to a house party, he manages to talk Nick out of his comfort zone to accompany him. Nick doesn't expect to meet the one person he blames for his misfortunes. His reaction upon seeing her baffles him, after spending so long hating her. Violet is even more shocked with his cold demeanour. Despite everything that's happened, the fire still burns between them. Nick is not prepared to go down that road again. Can she find her way into thawing the ice and find the man she once knew? 

They have both changed as a result of their unhappy pasts. In some ways, I felt for Nick and his aversion to love. That doesn't mean that I didn't feel like knocking some sense into him to make him see what's right in front of him. His cowardice after going to great lengths to move forward is frustrating and painful, but he redeems himself. Violet owns her mistake and is patient and understanding. 

This novel gets to the heart of how some react to their losses and protect themselves against further pain. It's a heartfelt story with well portrayed characters all round. 

I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion. 


“Looks like it’s you and Lady Pendleton,” Simon said. His voice carried a hint of something.

Nick snapped his head toward his friend and detected the glimmer of a smile in his gaze. He was enjoying this. He was playing matchmaker. And he had his sights set on Nick and Violet. Bloody hell.

Nick wanted to be angry, but his pull toward Violet was too strong. He’d felt it last night and again today when Simon had asked if it would be odd for him to pursue her. Nick had been jealous. Shockingly, blood-boilingly, desperately jealous.

The realization shook him to the core.

“Who’s to be the crier?” Simon asked.

“Why not Mr. Adair since he won Kiss the Nun?” Seaver suggested.

With everyone in agreement, Violet and Nick moved to the center of the room.

“Is this awkward?” she whispered.

“No.” His pulse quickened. Should he kiss her or should he fail?

His mind screamed the latter. And really, that was for the best. Jealousy aside, he and Violet had no future, not when their past was so painful.

And yet when they knelt with their backs to each other, he caught her scent of rose and an earthy spice. It was wholly feminine yet slightly wild. He hadn’t smelled a rose in the past eight years without thinking of her. His body reacted, heating at her proximity.

“Make ready,” Adair said.

Nick looked over his right shoulder and felt the air move as she looked over her left.


Nick leaned close to her cheek. He could feel her warmth, and his skin tingled.


He moved closer, but she sprang up. Instinctively, he reached for her, his arm curling about her waist. He pulled her back down. To stop her from hitting the floor, he spun to his back and sprawled, bringing her down on top of him. He cupped the side of her face and kissed her, his lips sliding over hers for a brief but delicious moment.

“The cheek,” she murmured, her gaze locked with his.

He leaned up and brushed his mouth against the soft flesh of her cheek. His lips lingered perhaps a second too long, but he didn’t care. Desire coursed through him, and for the first time in years, he felt alive.


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About Darcy

Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, emotional historical and contemporary romance. Darcy wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. Join her reader club at A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, two Bengal cats and a third cat named after a fruit.

Darcy Burke

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Cowboy Stole My Heart (#1 River Ranch) Soraya Lane - Blog Tour

Soraya Lane

Publication Date 
2 January 2018 

Contemporary Romance 

It takes true grit to build a billion-dollar dynasty like the Ford family ranch. But when it comes to finding love, all it takes is one handsome cowboy to steal a woman’s heart in Cowboy Stole My Heart by Soraya Lane.


As one of the heirs to the River Ranch fortune, Mia Ford is practically Texas royalty. But that doesn’t mean she’s some pampered princess. She can saddle up and ride a horse as well as any man, even a hard-working cowboy like Sam Mendes. For years, she’s harbored a crush on the strong, silent horseman. But how can she make a move when she’s his boss?


Sam Mendes is through with love—or so he thought. Still recovering from a breakup, he’s doing everything in his power to resist Mia Ford. It’s bad enough she’s the kind of beauty who drives men wild with desire. It’s even worse she’s got him so worked up, aching to kiss her lips, when he’s supposed to be working her ranch. Is this lovestruck cowboy willing to risk losing his job—and breaking his heart—to win the girl of his dreams?

Cowboy Stole My Heart is a great concept. A horse whisperer and an heiress.

Sam didn't have a happy upbringing, but his affinity with horses has turned him into a celebrity horse whisperer. After being burnt badly in his relationship, he is content with his job and his dog, Blue, a faithful companion. He has the occasional flings and as far as he is concerned, he is a confirmed batchelor.

Mia is the daughter of a wealthy Texan, but instead of relying on her trust fund and her father's wealth, she has chosen to make her own way.

Sam is hired by Mia's father to train a traumatised and dangerous horse. He jumps to his own conclusion when he meets Mia and she isn’t impressed by his attitude. They come to a truce and agree to work together, the horse being their priority. There has been an underlying attraction between them from the start and as they get to know each other, they realise that their first impressions were wrong. Sam's experience with his ex has left him with no confidence in women, but eventually gives in to the now obvious connection. He has rules though! No strings attached, but the heart knows what it wants. He runs scared. Can he put the past behind and start to trust Mia?

Sam is a gentle giant, but his fear of commitments is offputting. Mia is independent and even though she is strong, she is vulnerable in certain areas. A misunderstanding causes terrible heartache and then Mia finds herself in yet another difficult predicament. This is slow in places, but once it picks up, it becomes a compulsive read. It's a heartfelt story and despite all the uncertainties, it ends with the perfect note.

I was was kindly issued with an eARC via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

As a child, Soraya Lane dreamed of becoming an author. Fast forward more than a few years, and Soraya is now living her dream! Soraya describes being an author as "the best career in the world", and she hopes to be writing romance for many years to come.

Soraya loves spending her days thinking up characters for books, and her home is a constant source of inspiration. She lives with her own real life hero and two sons on a small farm in New Zealand, surrounded by animals and with an office overlooking a field where their horses graze. She is the author of The Devil Wears Spurs, Cowboy Take Me Away, and I Knew You Were Trouble.