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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Your Alluring Love (#6 The Bennett Family) Layla Hagen - Cover Reveal


We are so excited to reveal the cover of Layla Hagen's YOUR ALLURING LOVE, releasing May 3rd! Check out the full cover below, as well as get a sneak peek and enter to win!



*A sizzling romance from a USA Today Bestselling Author*

Alice Bennett has been holding a torch for her older brother’s best friend, Nate, for more than a decade. He’s a hotshot TV producer who travels the world, never staying in San Francisco for too long. But now he’s in town and just as tempting as ever… with a bossy streak that makes her weak in the knees and a smile that can melt ice—or at the very least, her defenses.

As a successful restaurant owner, Alice is happy with her life. She loves her business and her family, yet after watching her siblings find their happy ever after, she can’t help feeling lonely sometimes—but that’s only for her to know.

Nate has always had a soft spot for Alice. Despite considering the Bennetts his family, he never could look at her as just his friend’s little sister. She’s a spitfire, and Nate just can’t stay away. He loves making her laugh… and blush.

Their attraction is irresistible, and between stolen kisses and wicked-hot nights, they form a deep bond that has them both yearning for more.

But when the chance of a lifetime comes knocking at his door, will Nate chase success even if it means losing Alice, or will he choose her?

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“Let me do the dirty work from time to time. You’re mine, Alice. That means I’ll protect you from anyone, even if you don’t want me to. I’ll protect you especially when you don’t want me to because it’s when you need it most.” Before I can reply, he steps right in front of me. “You understand? You are mine.”

I shake my head. “You’re stubborn and possessive.”

“Sounds like I’m a catch.”

“I didn’t mean those as compliments,” I inform him, crossing my arms over my chest.

“That’s how they sounded to me.”

“How do you figure?”

“You can easily rephrase that to determined and protective. Both positive traits.”

Despite my annoyance, my lips twitch with a hint of a smile.

“I won’t apologize for wanting to protect you.”

“I wasn’t really expecting you to,” I reply, disarmed by his passion and honesty. “But I’m warning you, I’m still mad at you.”

“I’m counting on it, darling. In fact, hold on to the anger until we get home. Unless you want to leave now?”

“No, the event isn’t over.” I’m a little suspicious of his sudden good mood. “Why do you want me to hold on to the anger?”

“Because there’s a kind of sex I’m dying to try with you.”

“What kind is that?”

He wiggles his eyebrows, leaning in. “Make-up sex.”

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          • About Layla Hagen

            Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

            She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

            She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

            She is represented by fabulous Louise Fury (The Bent Agency)

            Friday, April 07, 2017

            Morrow's Horizon - Sierra Kummings - Cover Reveal


            Morrow’s Horizon, the first in an all-new series of standalones from Sierra Kummings is coming April 21st!


            Morrow’s Horizon by Sierra Kummings

            Cover Reveal: April 7th, 2017

            Genre: Contemporary Romance

            Cover Designer: Rene Folsom

            Blood, and love for a special little girl, bind the five Morrow sisters in an unbreakable way. Yet the family-devoted Sara Morrow yearns for more.

            And that “more” looks a lot like the irresistible Jacob Ramรญrez.

            For years, Sara’s contented herself with toe-curling fantasies about the CFO of the bank that employs her – all the while promising herself she’d never fall for the type of passion that destroyed her parent’s marriage. But when the one and only Latin six-foot-four god accepts her offer of help and turns her fantasies into reality, she’s forced to decide if it’s worth finding out if her boss is everything she’s dreamed of, or just the manifestation of all her fears.

            Jacob has his own set of fears. Right out of high school, he joined the Marines, only to come home six years later with night terrors that haunt even his days. Now, at thirty-three, rudimentary techniques keep his secret hidden.

            Until a chance meeting with Sara Morrow coincides with a deception that rocks him to his core.

            When Sara’s faith is tested, her sisters’ love gives her the courage to believe in someone else. When Jacob’s is tested, he has to learn how to believe in himself.

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            About the Author

            Sierra Kummings is a writer of contemporary erotic romances. Her three loves are her family, writing, and chocolate–though not always in that order. She discovered creative writing in high school, but set her dream aside to pursue a master’s degree in professional counseling. She now puts her degree to good use strengthening characters that have been in her head since her teens. In addition to penning hot romances, she also proudly claims the title of mother to an incredible little girl who inspires her every day.

            Connect with the Author

            Twitter: @SierraKummings

            Stay up to date with Sierra by signing up for her newsletter:

            Moth to Flame - Cambria Hebert - Cover Reveal

            Moth to a Flame
            Cambria Hebert
            Publication date: Spring 2017
            Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense (Stand-alone)

            The only thing drawn to her more than danger is him…

            Danger isn’t Zoey’s middle name. But it is something she can’t forget, something she’s reminded of every time she looks in the mirror. For those reasons, Zoey has become an expert at creating the perfect illusion. Her ability to fool the eye, to create truth where there was previously none makes her the best in the business.

            Working as a makeup and special effects artist for Hollywood combines her two life must-haves: her passion for makeup and hiding in plain sight.
            It also doesn’t hurt that she’s safe within the heavily secured and secret studio sets, away from the public eye.

            Then her perfect job becomes her perfect nightmare.

            Not only does her illusion slip with the blast of icy water, but it does so in front of the country’s biggest action hero and the gossipiest of celebrity TV shows.
            At first, Zoey thinks danger hasn’t caught up to her and the worst thing about her mishap is the world’s most perfect man sees her in all her not-so-perfect glory.
            Until a series of unexplained “accidents” begins on set.

            That’s when Zoey knows.

            Danger has caught up to her… and this time she fears death has, too.

            Author Bio

            Cambria Hebert is an award winning, bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair.

            Besides writing, Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in, and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (the real boss of the house).

            Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense.

             A few of her most recognized titles are: The Hashtag Series, Text, Torch, and Tattoo.

            Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC.


            Wednesday, April 05, 2017

            Soft Pleasure - Dany Rae Miller - Cover Reveal

            Soft Pleasure
            Dany Rae Miller
            (Wolven Moon #4)
            Publication date: May 3rd 2017
            Genres: Adult, Paranormal

            The truth can either ruin you or set you free.

            SOPHIA SOFT

            Freaks like me can’t do relationships, not when there are huge parts of yourself you can’t let anyone see. No matter how strong the pull between us, no matter that he sets my body on fire with his touch, I can’t have Gunnar Bodolf. But he knows things about me and my past – things I’m desperate to know, too.

            GUNNAR BODOLF

            The chemistry between us is exquisite. Powerful. Primitive. Sophia Soft wants me as much as I want her. I came back to Aspen a lone wolf with one mission, to connect the hereditary witch with her forgotten power. Now wild fantasies have raised another tantalizing desire, get her in my bed and make her mine.

            Truth. Power. Lust. Not necessarily in that order.

            *** Have you read Soft Shatter and Soft Fate? If not, STOP! Those books begin the mystery surrounding the Soft sisters. For the best experience, read those first. Otherwise, you may feel lost at a few points in this story. ***

            Previous books in the series

            Author Bio

            Dany Rae is convinced that romance readers are the best readers. Unabashedly in love with love stories, they know what a magic balm romance novels are to the human psyche, especially in tumultuous times.

            Take bits of Jackie Collins, elements of Fifty Shades, a touch of J. R. Ward, and mash in a healthy dose of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ve got the essence of Dany Rae’s storytelling style.

            She’s devoted to writing sexy yet smart, mystical yet believable storylines woven by tantalizing, well-developed characters that pull readers in.

            Dany Rae is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in political science. An award-winning screenwriter and ex-TV producer, she left her civilian career with the U.S. military at the end of 2016 to pursue her dream.

            After the devastating loss of her son in November 2015 and her mother just six weeks later, Dany Rae understands the power of love. It’s a lifesaver, sometimes literally.

            Visit to join her reader group. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for ARCs (advanced reader copies) of her books, read sneak peeks and be notified of upcoming releases.

            ** Due to vivid love scenes and naughty language, Dany Rae Miller novels are intended for adults. *


            Captivated by Crimson - Brynn Myers - Cover Reveal

            Captivated by Crimson
            Brynn Myers
            Publication date: August 22nd 2017
            Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

            She is the fated one I have been waiting for…
            The crimson in her veins will restore me…

            * * *
            My desire for her burns like no other…
            I must possess her…
            Dare to touch her and you will be the one to suffer…

            * * *

            Nola Blair is a free-spirited photographer sent to cover the party of the century in Elizabeth Bathory’s ruined castle. It was an assignment she’d declined––twice, but when she was offered a hefty sum to indulge the wealthy eccentric, she finally gave in. Little did she know that the guests at this party were centuries old and their desires reached far beyond those of a normal partygoer.

            One captivating night will change her life and the two vampires vying for her will fight to the death to get what they want. One wants her to be his and the other wants her blood.

            Who will decide Nola’s fate?

            Author Bio

            Brynn Myers is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover.

            Brynn lives with her family in the Brevard County, Florida area.


            Monday, April 03, 2017

            Dragon Splendor - Ophelia Bell - Cover Reveal

            Dragon Splendor
            Ophelia Bell
            (Immortal Dragons #3)
            Publication date: April 7th 2017
            Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
            Nobody said finding your fated mate would mean an instant happily ever after. For immortal gold dragon Aurum, meeting the lover who’s haunted her dreams for centuries is only the start of her problems. The ancient satyr, Calder, knows he’s destined to mate a dragon. 
            The problem is, he made a vow never to take a mate until he’s completed his mission to track down the slippery nymph who betrayed his race. Caught in the middle of the pair, young ursa Nicholas only knows he desperately wants two people he can’t have. He would do anything to make them both happy, even if it means breaking the laws of his own race, and setting into motion a chain of events that will get all three of them exiled.
            With a war between ancient allies on the horizon, the trio soon realizes that victory might just go hand in hand with surrender where matters of the heart are concerned.

            Author Bio

            Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren't apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don't mind being with a woman who's in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.
            Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

            If you'd like to receive regular updates on Ophelia's publications, freebies, and discounts, please subscribe to her mailing list:


            Wednesday, March 29, 2017

            Match Made (Bad Boys & Show Girls) Amรฉlie S Duncan - Cover Reveal

            Match Made: Bad Boys and Show Girls

            Amรฉlie S. Duncan
            (Love and Play, #2)
            Publication date: April 10th 2017
            Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports
            In order to win his heart, she’ll have to play the game…

            All over Broadway, my name is up in lights. From New York to London, the words ‘Gemma Sinclair’ are synonymous with up-and-coming fame, and a super-fast rise to success.

            Yeah, well, super isn’t how I feel…

            Between my deadbeat addict of an ex-boyfriend and the stress of my parents relying on me back home—sometimes I feel like the ground beneath my feet is slipping away.

            Until I crossed paths with Knox Callahan, the hot and sexy as hell veteran player for the New York Football Club—and a total player when it comes to women. A year after our disastrous first date, I’m still in no position to have anything to do with a guy like him.

            But then right at my lowest, here he comes, riding back into my life and offering me something I’ve been desperately longing for—support. And truth.
            And, well, the truth is—now I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t want to be a part of his team…

            Author’s Note: This is a standalone from the Love and Play Series. It’s HEA, No cheating friends-to-lovers contemporary romance with some sports, a loving alpha dominant male, strong female lead, and a little smut between the steam

            Love and Play #1

            Author Bio

            Amรฉlie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances with a dark edge. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.


            Monday, March 20, 2017

            Undone (#3 Unknown Trilogy) Wendy Higgins - Cover Reveal

            Author                       Wendy Higgins 
            Publication Date     7 November 2017
            Genre                         New Adult Dystopian 


            Told from dual points of view, Undone is the upcoming finale for New York Times bestseller, Wendy Higgins’s, apocalyptic romance trilogy.

            Best friends Remy Haines and Amber Tate are separated with no way to contact one another—no way to know if the other still lives. Remy and Jacob (Tater) Tate are taken as prisoners to the alien camp in Nevada, while Amber escapes to another hidden military bunker in Alaska with her crew of military friends.

            Does Rylen make it to Alaska after his fighter jet is caught in the sight of two enemy jets?

            Will Remy and Tater be able to fool the aliens into believing they’re allies, and possibly earn their trust enough to infiltrate? And how will Remy handle her feelings for Tater, especially when she earns the attention of a very important man at the camp?

            Will humanity be saved?

            Find out November 7, 2017 in Undone.   

            First books in the series

            Unkown (Book 1) 


            In this first installment of NY Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins's debut New Adult series, a frighteningly realistic apocalyptic America is brought to life, entwined with searing romantic tension that will leave you eager for more. *** Amber Tate believes the worst thing she'll suffer in life is dealing with the unrequited love she feels for her brother's best friend, Rylen Fite. She also believes war is something unfortunate that happens places far, far away from her rural Nevada town. 

            She's wrong on both counts. 

            When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe, a trickle-down effect spreads to remaining towns at an alarming speed-everything from food and water sources to technology and communications are compromised. Without leadership, the nation is split between paralysis and panic, but Amber isn't one to hide or watch helplessly. She's determined to put her nursing skills to use, despite the danger, even if it means working alongside the man she can never have.

            Buy Links 

            Unrest (Book 2)


            New York Times bestselling author Wendy Higgins brings you the second book in this thrilling war-torn world... Being on the run in the desert means food and sanctuary are hard to come by, but Amber Tate and her crew are not about to give up. Not after having the things they love brutally ripped from them by an unknown enemy who sent their world into the apocalypse. Survival takes precedence, but once safe shelter is found, their guards fall and the emotions they've been holding in are finally released. Anger, insecurities...lust.

             In their tight quarters, Amber, Rylen, Tater, and Remy can't escape it. The past must be faced, and passions run even stronger in the darkest of times. In the midst of unrest, their worlds are rocked again when they discover the truth about the war that's ruined their lives. They thought finding out the enemy's identity would give them the edge; instead it's revealed terrifying dangers they never thought possible. 

            Buy Links 

            About the Author 

            Wendy Higgins is the USA Today and NY Times bestselling author of the SWEET EVIL series from HarperTeen, the high fantasy duology THE GREAT HUNT, her independently published Irish Fantasy SEE ME, and her indie NA science fiction UNKNOWN series.

            After earning a Creative Writing degree from George Mason University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford, Wendy taught high school English until achieving her dream job as a full-time writer.

            Wendy lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her husband, daughter, son, and little doggie Rue.

            Contact Links 

            Wednesday, March 01, 2017

            The Morium Trilogy - SJ Hermann - Book 3 Coming soon (Special price 99¢ for prerelease orders)

            SJ Hermann


            S.J. Hermann is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror, and romance novels. His books have moral basis hidden within them, and he brings some of his experiences into his characters. Hermann is an anti-bullying advocate and his struggles with self-harm can be read on his website.

            Hermann currently resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where after a break, he hopes to return to college to earn a certificate in graphic or web design.  When he is not thinking of stories to write, he is an award winning artist.

            Hermann is an avid rollercoaster fan who has ridden over forty different coasters throughout his life. Though he is terrified of heights, there is not a ride he won’t conquer. If there is a hockey game on television, you can bet that he will be watching, especially his favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks.

            He is an avid Walking Dead fan and will read or watch anything about zombies. Max Brooks and Stephen King are his authors of choice. He is a strong supporter of indies.

            Where to find SJ Online

            Social media Stats as of February 2017

            (Book One of the Morium Trilogy)

            Currently has 61 reviews on USA Amazon with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.




            If you had the powers to avenge yourself... would you? Bullied... Years of shame... Lexi and Nathan knew pain. 

            MORIUM is the story of Alexandria and Nathan... and Stacy. Three teenagers who were victims of bullying all through high school. They kept their torment a secret from their family and tried to cope in their own way. They only had each other. Their friendship saw them through the seemingly endless years of suffering.  But hope was in sight… they will be graduating soon. The vision of a new life away from the bullies and the constant humiliation, gave them something to look forward to. If only that day came sooner.  

            One night, Lexi and Nathan saw an object fall from the sky and went to investigate. As they touched the rock, a strange power entered their bodies. Suddenly, they're not helpless anymore. They can get revenge for all the suffering and pain they had to endure.   How will they use these powers?  MORIUM discusses the moral dilemma of doing what's right against getting revenge. When your dignity has been shattered and your life has been a living hell... what is RIGHT?


            from "Morium: Book One of the Young Adult Supernatural Trilogy" by S.J. Hermann.

            "Lexi darted into the girls’ washroom. Pushing open a stall door, she ducked inside and slammed it shut. As she sunk onto the toilet, her books fell from her hands, but she didn’t notice as they crashed against the floor. Unable to hold back anymore, she buried her face in her sweaty hands and cried uncontrollably. She wondered how she could possibly make it through the last five months of school. 

            Her fist slammed against the stall as the tears flowed freely, splashing against her books and the tiled floor. “I hate them,” she mumbled to herself. “I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.” She slid up her sleeve, revealing several rows of scars and scraping her fingernails over the scabs. Every swipe felt like a knife slicing into her, causing the warm blood to trickle from the wounds. Her breathing slowed from a rapid pant to a normal rhythm as the pain settled over her, filling her with calm. In that moment, the physical hurting became a temporary relief from the emotional agony which swelled inside her. 

            She sat there for a few minutes, taking in deep breaths. “Lexi?” the soft voice rang out, bouncing off the walls of the vacant room. Lexi yanked her sleeve down to hide her secret and pulled her hair back in her hands. “Yeah, Stace?” she sobbed out. “You okay?” Lexi gathered her books from the floor, attempting to regain what little composure she could. As she reached to open the stall door, her red-stained fingers caught her attention. She vigorously wiped the blood onto the inside of her sweater. With a final breath, she emerged to find Stacy standing by the door. “I’m sorry, Lex,” Stacy told her, wrapping her arms around Lexi. “Just another day in hell,” Lexi replied. The bell echoed from down the hallway, startling them. They strolled out as students began to fill the hall. Only half a day left, she thought as they made their way to the next class." 


            5 Stars

            Nathan is an eighteen year old student who has been bullied for as long as he can remember. He doesn't meet the "norm" in the bullies' eyes and is relentlessly and constantly tormented. Bullying in any way, shape or form is unpleasant! Nathan takes it all in his stride and doesn't retaliate.

            Lexi has been Nathan best friend for a very long time and she too is a victim of bullying. She is not as fortunate as the "popular" girls and is constantly ridiculed. She has her own way of coping! Not a very good way but she hides it well.

            Stacy is Lexi's and Nathan's friend with her own differences which makes her a victim too. The three of them stand by each other and count the days when it will be time for them to move.

            The bullies are undesirable characters who take great pleasure in tormenting these three decent human beings. They find it funny and others laugh at the cruelty that they dish out. They show no remorse whatsoever and it's painful and unsettling to watch.

            On their way back from an evening out, Nathan and Lexi witness an unusual occurrence and go to investigate. They find some unusual substance which changes everything. Is it extraterrestrial? They both find themselves changing, showing unimaginable powers. Even though the bullying continues, the main focus is now on the newly acquired powers. Will they use it for good or evil? Some of the events taking place from now on are cruel, brutal and lethal.

            I like the friendship and honesty between Stacy, Nathan and Lexi until the power struggle begins. I admire Lexi even more for standing by what she believes is right at the cost of losing those, she really cares for the most. The characters are very well developed and the story very well crafted. I also like the concept which makes for a compulsive read. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

            This is a paranormal thriller which I would fully recommend. It's full of suspense and enough twists to keep anyone on their toes.


            Morium: Dark Horizons 
            (Book Two of th Morium Trilogy)

            Currently has 20 reviews on US Amazon with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.


            When the Light of Hope fades…. All that’s left are Dark Horizons…  

            A POWERFUL and INTENSE SUPERNATURAL THRILLER  In Book 2 of the MORIUM Trilogy, Alexandria and Nathan’s struggle with their supernatural powers continue.  

            When a new person enters her life, Alexandria or Lexi discovers that she doesn’t need supernatural powers to have a brighter future. She can leave her bullied past behind and rebuild her life. Meanwhile, “The Gift” takes deeper hold of Nathan and his hunger for revenge grows. But he fights his need to absorb souls to regain Lexi’s trust and save their friendship.  Stacy finds herself caught in the conflict between her closest friends, even as she battles her own demons. Whose side should she take? Will she choose love over friendship… or will she fail them both?  An opportunity to get back at Lexi’s assaulter pushes Nathan back into the path of darkness. One final act of bullying sets him over the edge, and he decides to put an end to the never ending pain and humiliation he and his friends suffered over the years. 

            Can Lexi save Nathan from completely giving in to the dark influence of The Gift? Will their friendship survive?  DARK HORIZONS will immerse the reader into the intricate psyches of the bullied characters we rooted for in MORIUM. Morals aside, can we really blame Nathan for his anger and his need for revenge? Through indifference, did we not have a hand in creating the monster he has become?

            5 Stars

            Book one of this series was magnificently crafted and the second instalment of this trilogy is just as spectacular.

            Lexi is coming to terms with her acquired "gift" and if anything, she is trying hard to disregard it in order to have a normal life. Not that being constantly bullied can be considered as normal.

            Nathan on the other hand has been tempted to allow his resentment and need for revenge consume him. He doesn't want to lose his long term friendship with Lexi and is now trying hard to keep himself in control.

            There is tension between Lexi and Nathan after what happened at the end of the first book. They are both fighting to keep their friendship and Lexi is finding it hard to come to terms with Nathan's extreme behaviour. She finds that she is constantly having to forgive him. She is not prepared to give up just yet, though. Stacy's loyalty is divided. She loves both her friends but circumstances are preventing her from keeping secrets from one of them. Being under the influence of another entity doesn't help either. Lexi is put in a dangerous situation where she has to use her gifts and unbeknown to her, this has been orchestrated for her own good. Allegedly!

            The bullies continue with their quests of hurting others and have now found another victim. Their taunts are becoming more and more cruel. In the meantime, Lexi is beginning to find the meaning of true happiness but can this last in view of everything that's going on around her? How long can she keep her secret? Kyle is a sweetheart and it will be a shame if he gets hurt in the process.

            This instalment is nerve wracking. The numerous twists are more than enticing. Whenever there is a turn for the better, something worse crops up. I was screaming in one minute and cringing in the next. I fully sympathise with Nathan but if only he hadn't been tempted in the first instance. In all fairness, he wasn't expecting the full implications of these impulses. This is where his devotion for his friends shine! Revenge comes at a price!

            What happens at the end is baffling! Where is this going next? Will revenge or will love prevail?

            I totally enjoyed this fast pace, dark, intriguing and fascinating part of this trilogy. It's very nicely illustrated and I now look forward to see where it all ends.


            Morium: Terminus 
            (Book Three of the Morium Trilogy)

            Release date: May 2017


            IT ALL ENDS HERE.

            One final confrontation between friends... One final outcome.

            In the finale of the highly rated supernatural thriller series, The Morium Trilogy, Lexi must not only fight the evil that resides within her, but also struggle to keep her relationship with Kyle from falling apart. Unknown to Lexi, Nathan is planning to exterminate not only the remaining bullies, but the entire town as well.
            In the end, what will Lexi and Nathan choose... FRIENDSHIP or REVENGE?

            Can they fight their inner demons and preserve what matters most?

            Special Pre-Release price of $0.99

            Series Blurbs

            After I finished writing final book of the Morium Trilogy, I paused and reflected back as to why I wrote these books. It was more than releasing the one scene that played out in my head; the foundation in which Morium was built upon. I wanted to tackle tough subjects that teenagers may face on a daily basis. The emotional pain that lay buried deep in the conscious of their fragile minds as a result of relentless mental torture. How it might mold them into someone they never desired to be. To do unimaginable things to others, or to themselves.

            I dig into sensitive topics that readers may have a hard time reading. Even though these books are YA, I don’t sugar coat. My goal was to provide an entertaining read while bringing forth serious problems; bullying, self-harm, addiction, loneliness, dealing with loss, sexual abuse and hiding your true self for fear of what others may think. Since it was integral to the story line, my writing had to be raw and to the point, for doing otherwise, would have lessened the impact.

            Is this a dark series? Very. Is this a series for those younger than fifteen? Probably not. Give any teenager that has bottled up anger and give them the gift of supernatural powers, they will lash out any way they can.

            None of this could’ve been possible if not for strong and developed characters. Alexandria (Lexi), Nathan, Stacy, and further in the trilogy, Renee, have their morals tested; fueled by abilities that two of them believe are an entitlement. I want readers to ask themselves how they’d react if they were walking in the shoes of the main characters. As I laid the groundwork for the trilogy, my personal demons from the past had me questioning my own morality. What would’ve I done?

            Upcoming Books

            Perfect: Late 2017

            A nearly omnipotent teenager discovers the steep price you pay when the unthinkable happens.