C'est Moi

My name is Brigitte and as you might have gathered, I have a passion for reading. 

My favourite genres are YA, NA, Paranormal, Romance and Mythology . 

I am a General and Mental Health Nurse, I speliased in British Thoracic and Neurological Sciences. After having an accident, I was forced to rethink my career. With further studies, I was fortunate enough to obtain a job in HR with a National Organisation. I then went on to work with people suffering from Mental Health and Autistic Spectrum Disorders as a Career Adviser and at the same time studying for an Occupational Psychology qualification which proved to be invaluable in this role. After a while, I was given the opportunity to become an International Adviser and travelled to various countries. This too was very rewarding but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an obscure autoimmune disorder and my loving husband of twenty years convinced me to stay at home. I am a fighter though!  I find it difficult to talk about myself but acting on some constructive feedback to do this update.  (Thank you JM)

I started this blog mainly for sharing my love of reading and as a way of thanking the authors for their hard work and for taking us on their wonderful journeys. This applies equally to Indie and Published Authors. I believe that they all offer something special to the readers. 

Besides reading, I like being out in the countryside, swimming, art, music amongst other things.  

Sitting under a tree or on the beach with a good book would be my ideal. 

I also like to meet others who share similar interests. 
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